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A tapestry of scents crafted by master perfumers to unlock the essence of your personal story

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Jazeel cares: Elevating luxury with nature's finest, Sustainably sourced ingredients

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Embark on A Voyage of Scents

Step into the world of olfactory elegance with our Prestige Discovery Set, an exquisite ensemble of seven perfumes that redefine the art of fragrance. Each vial is a promise of discovery: Ghala blooms with the notes of a mystic love. Wid celebrates the sweet serendipity of fresh romance, as Shouq stirs the depths of desire. The Palace evokes the grandeur of ancient royalty, Heyam enchants with its enduring grace, and Millennium Star carries the timeless elegance of the stars.

The Prestige Collection Awaits Your Discovery

Your senses are the compass on this voyage through the most intimate expressions of craftsmanship. From the first spritz to the last lingering note, each fragrance in this collection is an invitation to experience the sublime, to dress your skin in a story that awaits your personal touch. The Prestige Discovery Set isn't just a sampler; it's a treasure trove of potential memories, a palette for painting your days with the most luxurious of scents. Discover the perfume that doesn't just complement you, but completes you.

From The Perfumers

We have distilled our most profound experiences and emotions into vials. Each perfume is a narrative, a carefully composed symphony of the world's most exquisite scents.

This set is not simply a collection of perfumes; it is the essence of our collective passion, a palette of expressions that invites you to find the scent that resonates with the very core of your being. We offer these creations to you, a testament to the art of perfumery, and a doorway to the olfactory echoes of your personal story